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Stuff They Didn’t Teach Us in College

Here is an amusing quote from my good friend, and an excellent writer, Jameson O’Neal from his essay Stuff They Didn’t Teach Us in College. “When it comes to mating, believe most of what you read in Intro to Psychology, however appalling it may be, and less than half of what you read in English […]

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Poll: College degree still pays off

This was the headline for an article in the Chicago Tribune today. It focused primarily on the millennial generation. Pew research data indicated that ” for people 25-32 …the gap in earnings between college graduates and those with a high school diploma or less has never been greater in the modern era.” How much more […]

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Learning to Read. Best thing I ever did… by far!

It may seem like a small thing. But think about it. Think about the many thing you do now that you could not do if you could not read. Think about the many things you have accomplished because you could read. Thing as well about the sheer joy it has brought you. ¬†How many places […]

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